How to Find a Dental Hygienist

If you manage a dental office and are in search of a dental hygienist, for hire, you’ll soon discover that there are many of them available who are in search of work. Decidedly, when it is that time for you to select a dental hygienist to hire, you need to really think about which person you will hire. You should require a person who has the know-how for what they will be doing and who is nice to work with. The following are three really good methods for discovering the optimal candidate for the dental hygienist position and that fits into the above description and more.

With such high unemployment rates you are likely to find a qualified dental hygienist by putting an ad in your local newspaper. That’s where you can come to that person’s rescue. Since it usually doesn’t cost much to run an ad, you may find that the results outweigh the initial cost. Options are also available beyond the Sunday edition. Your chances of finding the perfect person for your office, increase if you choose to place a daily ad as well.

Publications that are tailored to the dentistry field are also a good place to advertise for hygienists. Most of these are free for the consumer and are located at their local grocery store or gas station, giving your advertisement lots of exposure. All you need is for the right out of work hygienist to see your ad. While going about their daily job hunt, many people seek out these publications. Even though you may have to pay for the ad, the benefits of added exposure will outweigh that.

Be sure you get the person you are looking for by keeping the ad published for several weeks or months. When looking for that just right person, every little bit helps.

Even though, most people say you shouldn’t discuss work with your spouse, that is exactly our next suggestion. By letting your spouse know that you are looking for a dental hygienist, they can then spread the word to their friends and co-workers. Make sure your spouse understands the qualifications needed though, so that the word gets out correctly.

If you want to find a dental hygienist, use the above tips to find the perfect hygienist who is just what you’re looking for. If you put the time into searching for a hygienist who has a good bond with patients and also knows the industry well that he or she is working in, you’ll be hiring a dental hygienist and someone who will benefit your business.

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